Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Happy July 26 Liberian Independendence Day

I am fortunate to have the oppourtunity to spend time with the pageant contestants during pageant week. I caught up with them as they had lunch with the LUWIP members. After an intense morning of rehersals.

After lunch the contestants went to game room to let there hair down and have some fun!!!

Please check back for more pics
as I will be loading pics from their community service and the pageant.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Message from the Editor


It has been over a year since I written an article on this blog. For that, I am truly sorry. Over the past year, a lot has happened so certain things had to be put on the backburner.

From since my last real post, The Miss Liberia in the US Scholarship Pageant has crowned 3 queens all reigning from Georgia. That is spectacular!!! The Pageant system has made great strides to become even stonger than ever.

When I first started this blog I thought of it a way of showcasing this wonderful pageant organization and as a way to show when dedicated women get together what postive changes take place. I didnt exepect many people to be intrested. I truly beleved that the only people who would take intrested in this would be ones who had a direct connection to Liberia or this pageant system.

However during this years pageant I had a chance to talk to the members of the LUWIP Organization and pageant directors who informed me that they acutally missed the blog posts and wished that I would start writing again.

When I got back home and opened my inbox I was suprized to see so many commments that I has to respond to. I spent the whole morning going through each comment.

I want to say thank you for those people who supported and wrote to say keep on writing. That really means a lot to me.

Over the past two years I have moved to a new home and I am currently about to start a family. Nevertheless I will find the time to write at least once a month. There are new topics ,disscussions and interviews that I would like to address this year so this year will be exciting.

By the way be sure to come by soon as I post some pictures from the 2011 pageant!!!

Until next time
Liberian Pageant Diva

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Pageant Talk Radio

I has been a while since I have made a post on the on the blog. I have been spending a lot of time preparing for the 2009 Season.

During my preparations I came across a totally awesome on-line talk radio show!!! a pageant online talk radio show.

Despite the fact that this blog focuses on Liberian and African Pagentry, a lot of the ideas and practices of our pageants do come from the American Pageants System. The information that I found on this online talk show is valueable to pageant contestants as well as directors.

This will definately be posted as one of Liberian Pageants favorite Links!!

Title:Make 2009 Your Best Pageant Year Ever!
Aired Jan 6 2009

Thursday, August 07, 2008

2008 Notes from the Editor

Well another year is over and we have another queen. The Miss Liberia in the US Organization has Just completed its 8th year. Ever year the organization provides scholarships and oppourtunities to young Liberian women here in the US . Over the past 3 years it is estimated that the Organization has provided approxmately provided $10,000 in scholarships to Liberian women accross the country. During this pageant year friends were made, experience was gained, tears of happiness and joy were shed.

So what is next??? A new queen will have an oppourtunity to make a difference in her community, across the nation, and possibly around the globe!!! The decision is her's. She will make the crown and title what she wants for the year. It dose'nt make her. What she does today will impact how people see you as a queen but as an individual. So for our new queen I have some advice as you start your year as Miss Liberia in the US.

1) Enjoy the Moment!!!
Yes!!! You have just captured one of the most coveted and respected titles for African Pagentry here in the United States!! Be very proud of that.

2)Get to work on your platform
Get with your state and national directors and see how they can assist you in promoting your platform for the year. Most likely they already have a list of projects that they would you to undertake.

3)Meet your responsiblities
As Miss Liberia in the US, when you give anyone your word make sure you live up to them. When you start the Miss Liberia in the US pageant program you sign a contract saying that you would meet certain requirements during your reign. Failure to meet your responsibilities can result in putting yourself in an embrassing predicament and even up to stripping of your crown and title.

4)Be Punctual!!!
I know,I know we as Liberians have the notorious habit of being late. However as a queen you should strive to live above the standard. Your pageant director, sponsors and organizations have gone out of their way to plan events to promote you and your title. To totally be late or do a no show shows a lack of respect and is just inconsiderate and rude.

5)Invest in Fine stationery
Nothing more shows your appreciation more than a sponsor, mentor, organization or just and individual receiving and hand written thank you note on fine stationery. Thanking them for their support, contributions, or just inviting them to an event you are hosting. This personal touch goes a long way to developing great relationships.

6) It's more than just a crown
A lot of people feel that Miss Liberia in the US Pageant System is strictly for entertain purposes. Where a group of young women are randomly selected from all around the US to entertain our community by showcasing lovely attire and preforming talent. Being Miss Liberia in the US or just participating the pageant system is so much more. It is a chance or and oppourtunity to give back to your community to make a difference to be a mentor to youth to be a source of help to elderly. There is so much power in the crown but it depends on you. How do you want to be remembered? It you who makes the crown the crown does not make you

I hope this advice helps the the national and states queen to have a successful and productive reign.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Independence Day from Liberian Pageants:Miss Liberia Maryland Korvi Kamara attends Liberian Independence Day Celebrations!!!

Saturday July 26 2008

Liberian Embassy Grounds Washington DC
Miss Liberia Maryland Korvi Kamara Attends the Liberian Independence Day Celebrations in Washington DC

The day after the Miss Liberia in the US Pageant Miss Liberia Maryland attends the Liberian Independence Day Celebrationss held at the Liberian Embassy. The Grounds were filled with Vendors , Entertainers and fellow Liberians young and and old as they celebrated Liberia's 161st birthday. The festivies began at 10 oclock that morning and did not end until 8pm that evening.

All of Liberia's comfort foods were there roasted meat and fish and my favorite Palava Sauce and Rice to the novelites we loved as children such as frozen Kool-Aid and Milk Candy!!!

Miss Kamara spent the entire time meeting and greeting fellow Liberians, taking pictures with men women and children. She even had the oppourtunity to meet a former Miss Republic of Liberia Queen.

At the end of the event Miss Kamara said "What a wonderful way to end the weekend. First I met an competed with some of the most dynamic Liberian women in the United States and eventhough I did not win it felt nice to come home to where my fellow Liberians from Maryland Washington DC Metropolitan Area treated me warmly and like a true Queen. I definately do feel like a winner!!"

Miss Liberia New York Halimatu Tunis wins the Miss Liberia In the US title

Friday July 24 2008-Philadelphia PA
Article from Front Page Africa

As if she was destined to make history, Ms. Hananatu Tunis, a New York resident snatched the Miss Liberia USA 2008 Crown Friday night at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in the heart of Philadelphia.

The annual Miss Liberian pageant is hosted by the illustrious women of the Liberia United Women in Progress (LUWIP), and it coincides with the celebration of Liberia’s 161st Independence Day on July 26th.

Pageant winner Ms. Hananatu TunisEight women representing their respective states put up a fabulous show as they tried to win the prestigious Miss Liberia 2008 crown. The show began with the Queens stepping on stage in their elegant African attires.

Under the watchful eyes of judges led by former Liberian arch national goalie and community activist, D. Zeogar Wilson, eight beautiful women, including Miss Ophelia Chulu of California, Miss Maima Harriet Badio of Pennsylvania, Miss Geogetta Wade Jarba-Wayne of Michigan, Miss Cassandra Zoewi Bornstein-Baylor of Texas, Miss Korvi Wanga Kamara of Maryland, Miss Alida Wilson of New Jersey and Miss Belloh Paulette Julius of Georgia participated in various aspects of the pageant.

View Pageant Images below
courtesy of Gem Imaging Events and Studios

2008 Pageant Images

The audience stands during the Liberian National Anthem

Miss Liberia Pennsylvania during preliminary interview.

The 2008 contestants pose for the judges during
the African Wear competition.

Miss New York Halimatu Tunis competing in the swimwear competition!!!

Miss Michigan preforms for the Judges during the talent competion.

Miss Texas competing in evening wear competition

Miss Maryland answers the final interview question.

Miss Maryland and Georgia receiving awards!!!

Miss New York is announce Miss Liberia in the US

Congratulations Halminatu wishing you a successful pageant year!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Part 3 Miss Liberia in the US contestants cruise the Spirit of Philadelphia

July 23 Penns Landing Philadelphia

The contestants woke up to an intense early morning rehearsal and headed out to lunch on the spirit of Philadelphia. The ladies had a wonderful time as they enjoyed scrumptous lunch and cruise along the Delaware River that separates Philadelphia PA from Camden NJ. During the cruise the contestants were entertained by the cruise staffas they preformed their movies and magic ensemble. Miss Georgia made a guest preformance in a Dreamgirls selection!!!

After the cruise the ladies quickly went back to the hotel and got change for a photo shoot in downtown Cemter City Philadelphia the rest of the evening was spent as free time and preparing for pageant night.
Phildelphia Photo Shoot Images